Kenneth J. Devansky, PMP

Ken Devansky Mr. Devansky is a former Director with Deloitte’s Federal Public Sector Consulting practice that supports e-Government initiatives for public sector entities both domestically and internationally. With over 30 years experience, Mr. Devansky has implemented strategic financial and shared services solutions to a wide section of public sector organizations, including the Nuclear Regulartory Commission, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the US Secret Service and the Centers for Medicare and Medicade Systems. Demonstrated ability to manage difficult situations and solve complex business issues with specific expertise in:

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Shared Services Strategic Development
  • Grants Management System Operations
  • Financial Systems Requirements Definition and Implementation
  • Large Scale Program Management
  • Staff Management, Training and Development




Engagement Director – Washington, DC                                                                                              2009 – 2014


Former Director within Deloitte’s Federal Public Sector Consulting practice with a yearly project portfolio of $8 to $10M. Managed Deloitte’s federal financial system requirements function that assists federal agencies in defining their financial system requirements in preparation for migration to a shared services environment. Most recently, managed a program that defined the financial system requirements for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as the Agency planned its transition to a shared services environment. In addition, managed Deloitte’s grants program management services sector that supported Federal grants program technology initiatives at DOT, CDC, FEMA, HUD and HHS.


  • Developed and implemented a $1.5 billion the descretionary grants program for the Office of the Secretary of Transportation for transportation infrastructure programs.       Since the program inception in 2009, managed a team of 15 in the design of a grants management environment to capture, maintain and report on over 1,500 grant applications to support the deliberative process.


  • Provided Federal financial management system requirements services to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in order for them to select the optimal level of financial management system support. This program involved defining NRC’s unique financial requirements and assisting the Agency in selecting a solution provider.


  • Established a new grants management business process and technical environment for the Federal Railroad Administration’s high speed rail grants program. In this capacity, redesigned the Agency’s existing grants program after the Agency received $15 billion in grant funding to support the Obama administration’s high speed rail initiatives in America.
  • Created and implemented a federal grantee program that assists public utilities manage the business and legislative responsibilities required to administer reporting compliance for grants received from the Department of Energy to support SmartGrid energy programs.
  • Provided grants management expertise in the redesign of business and technical processes to the National Science Foundation. From a process perspective, existing grant management processes were analyzed and redesigned to enhance efficiency. From the technical perspective, the team supported NSF’s portal that enables flexible and efficient reporting.




Managing Director – DC                                                                                               1999 – 2009


Successfully built a specialized solutions group of approximately 100 staff, generating approximately $13M in fees per year, that offered a wide range of services to public and private sector clients. These services fell into the areas of IT strategic planning, Federal financial system planning and implementation and Federal grants systems management.

  • Provided both business process and technical support services to the DHS, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as DHS consolidated all of its grants operations within this one agency. Assisted the Agency administer approximately a $10 billion grants portfolio through developing streamlined grant tracking procedures as well as defining flexible reporting structures.


  • Managed the implementation of a unified financial management system for the Department of Justice. This financial system consolidation effort required documentation of current financial operations within the agency, identification of areas of improvement and finally development of pre-implementation guidance (communication plans, stakeholder analysis, business transformation strategies, etc.) in support of the new financial system.
  • Managed the implementation of a Program Management Office for the Ministry of Interior (MoI) for a Middle Eastern Nation to provide the processes, procedures, policies and technologies necessary to support the country’s major infrastructure acquisition programs. In this capacity, defined existing business processes and aligned those processes with industry best practices.


  • Implemented an integrated financial management system for the United States Secret Service. Defined the unique requirements of the agency, identified off the shelf software solutions to meet those requirements, implemented the selected system and trained USSS staff at all levels in the new system’s use.
  • Provided Federal financial management system requirements services to the National Business Center (NBC) Shared Services facility. Defined financial system requirements for potential NBC clients in order for them to select the optimal level of financial management system support.





Director/Senior Manager – DC                                                                                         1987 – 1999


Specialized primarily in large-scale system implementation projects by supporting enterprise level program consolidation efforts. This included Information Technology (IT) strategic planning, enterprise architecture development, system consolidation and modernization efforts as well as pre and post system implementation activities.


  • Managed the implementation of a pilot project to support the customer relationship management (CRM) activities for the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. In this capacity, defined the system requirements from both a PBGC user perspective as well as the pensioner community and identified a system solution that would accommodate both user communities. Conducted stakeholder analysis and developed communication plans before system implementation and then conducted post implementation surveys to identify potential improvements.


  • Based on Federal Enterprise Architecture guidelines develop a new technical strategy for the National Labor Relations Board. Through a detailed assessment of the Agency’s technical environment along with a definition of their requirements, defined a technical plan that provided NLRB staff and judges immediate access NLRB’s extensive legal library.


  • Established a long term E-Strategy plan for the US Army Medical Command in order to leverage smart card technology in an effort to automate service member medical records. In this capacity, defined the requirements for deploying smart card technology within the field operational environment, identified technologies capable of operating in that environment, and then formulated and implemented a pilot program. This effort required extensive training and outreach to Army field medical personnel.







  • S. in Computer Science, King’s College
  • S. in Management Information Systems, American University
  • Certified Program Management Professional (PMP)
  • Top Secret Clearance




Co-authored the book Information Leadership, A Government Executive’s Guide, which investigates the factors necessary to strategically manage Information Technology.

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