HJS has relationships with several key industry partners in order to provide a wide range of options for our clients. Please visit the web sites of our partner firms to learn more about their capabilities.

HJS Partner Firms


Grant Thornton’s Global Public Sector helps executives and managers at all levels of government maximize performance and efficiency in the face of ever tightening budgets and increased demand for services. Our public sector team members find solutions that help government leaders with issues including acquisitions, financial management, human capital, information technology and performance management. Many of our professionals are former government officials who faced similar challenges and pressures – shrinking budgets, greater scrutiny from Congress, demand for program performance, ever increasing compliance requirements, inability to recruit and retain needed talent, expanding reporting burdens, the need to collaborate across the federal government and state and local partners, complex program management requirements, and other challenges. HJS and Grant Thornton work together across wide- wide range of disciplines including federal accounting, financial statement auditing, and shared service center operations and agency migrations. Click here to learn more about Grant Thornton’s Global Public Sector.

Robbins Gioia
For more than three decades, Robbins Gioia has based its relationship with clients on the principle that a truly independent source of professional, uncompromised program management expertise results in superior performance.

We serve clients in the public and private sectors through business units leveraging the skills and insights gained in more than a dozen professional service areas. From advanced goal alignment and performance management techniques through best-in-class program design and implementation skills, leading-edge technology capabilities, and a strong focus on the human capital aspects of performance, RG helps clients achieve success in their most complex and challenging initiatives.As a member of the HJS Team, Robbins Gioia provides expertise in the areas of process optimization, organizational transformation, shared services, cybersecurity, and enterprise architecture.  Click here to learn more about Robbins Gioia.

Vanguard Advisors LLC
As the premier small woman-owned business consultancy on financial improvement/systems modernization, audit/fiscal readiness, and business reform for the Department of Defense – Vanguard Advisors, LLC has entered into a premier strategic alliance with HJS to help advise Federal government officials on rapid efficiencies and effectiveness.
Vanguard principals BG (R) Roger Scearce and Debra Del Mar driving this compelling partnership will focus on influencing and shaping practical target environments, transferable government solutions and best practices, standardization and efficiencies to dramatically improve operational effectiveness and reduce current environment redundancy/cost/risk.
Initially, the HJS-VG partnership will focus on helping Treasury/OMB — with particular emphasis on OFIT — on accelerating the operationalizing of the Fed First Shared Services Concept for Federal agencies. HJS and Vanguard work together to in assisting you develop powerful and productive relationships with potential clients and teaming partners.   Click here to learn more about Vanguard Advisors LLC,

Sharedserviceslink is the business community for the shared services and outsourcing space. With over 17,000 companies in this space, serves through extending: best practice; ‘how to’ guides; and benchmarking. Businesses connect with the community and each other at sharedserviceslink’s boutique conferences, webinars, and soon they will be able to connect with each other online. Susie West is founder and CEO of sharedserviceslink. From selling e-invoicing, to working in a shared services centre itself, she quickly developed an understanding for key aspirations in shared services and typical problems, often hindering these aspirations. She chairs all sharedserviceslink conferences, speaks widely on shared services, and is considered a Thought Provoker, challenging the market to advance. HJS is the U.S. representative of Shared SerivicesLink and collaborates on bringing commercial best practices and training to federal Shared Service Providers (SSPs).For more information visit


Rofori is a patented communication solution that enables teams to become more effective and accomplish their objectives. Accurate and timely situational awareness along with focused communications, are required for any team to be able to be effective. With Rofori, a team leader creates a private stream (the stream “owner”) in which invited team members post brief and frequent activity status messages, or reply to other messages, pertaining to the stream’s defined purpose. Rofori messages are different from email and other micro-blog tools in that they contain categorization data which rofori uses to automatically create coherent structure and relationships among messages, enabling the derivation of knowledge and activity status.  For more information visit

Ridge GlobalRidge Global

Ridge Global was founded by Tom Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and 43rd Governor of Pennsylvania, to help organizations decrease security risks. He has assembled a team of globally recognized experts who offer clients strategic counsel on identifying, preparing for and mitigating cyber risk. Ridge Global offers the latest technology, is continually evaluating cyber security tools sets in order to make the latest technology available to our clients and is recognized as an international thought-leader on cyber security. Our experts have counseled world leaders in cyber programs.  Ridge Global offers clients comprehensive risk evaluation using the Ridge Methodology that quickly and comprehensively assesses risk. Our team develops plans customized to meet your organization’s supported by best-in-class insurance and response services.  For more information visit




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