What we do

Through engagement with clients and teaming partners, H.J. Steininger provides solutions that achieve measurable results to assist clients in meeting their goals.  We deliver executive-level expertise and leadership in addressing the needs in the federal government.

In today’s economic environment, the public sector is severely resource constrained and yet must meet increasing complex requirements in a manner that meets the public’s growing expectations for service, accountability and transparency in government operations. H.J. Steininger is well positioned to assist in effectively meeting this challenge. Our current areas of focus include:

Federal Program Initiatives

  • Financial Systems Modernization and Federal Shared Services Providers
  • Department of Defense Audit Readiness and Financial Statement Audits
  • President’s Management Agenda for Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Talent Acquisition
  • Cost and Performance Management
  • Data Act Implementation

Key Information Technologies

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and related Application Software
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing and Internal Controls
  • Big Data, Data Analytics, and Forensics
  • Data Center Consolidation/IT Infrastructure

While recognizing opportunities to leverage lessons learned through our depth of experience across departments and agencies, we customize our approach to meet each client’s specific situations and requirements. We bring expertise and competencies to assist in delivering engagements in the following areas:

Federal Accounting and Financial Management Compliance and Integrity Enterprise Performance Management Information Technology
Federal Accounting and Budget Execution Audit Readiness and Remediation Strategy and Planning Program Management Office (PMO) Support
Accounting Policies and Procedures Compliance Reviews Cost Management IT Security Management
Financial Systems Internal Controls Evaluation Business Transformation IT Investment Planning
Shared Service Center Migrations Risk Management Acquisition Support Independent Verification & Validation

An unintended consequence of the government’s quest to save money has been the proliferation of new, innovative contract vehicles, as well as increasing use of existing vehicles rarely used in the past.  Many of these vehicles may be inappropriate for the type of service provided, increasing the burden on government managers at all levels to deliver the original intent of a contract work product without sufficient contractual authority.  H.J. Steininger has been in that arena and dealt with these problems, providing executives the tools and insights needed to select the correct contract vehicle at the beginning of a procurement, assist in the management of the bid and proposal evaluation process, and if need, help find solutions to poorly written or inappropriate contract vehicles.



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